Video by Ludovic Lasserre / Adrenaline by L'Equipe

Last Sunday was a bit good in SW France.

Just like 2 weeks previous when August tapped out with a clean 8ft swell, 22 degree water, 35 degree air and offshore winds, September roared to life just in time for select QSkimos, fresh back from Azores to run amok alongside locals, in numerically similar fare.

With the Graviere bank looking decidedly serviceable, the only real bummer is that the Quik Pro set up, under construction for a few days now, will be up at les Culs Nus. Why? There's no beach at La Grav these days, just a sand cliff under the dune, then the intertidal zone... yikes!

The only other question remains... wtf are the pansies all doing in fullsuits? Soft lads!