Is this newsworthy? Kelly Slater and great white share line-up, then airspace? Borderline, but hey, it's a slow news day. Deffo worth 13 seconds of your life, we reckon.

Kelly was out for a sesh with Twiggy Baker on a distinctly sharky stretch of the South African coastline, shortly after the conclusion of the J-Bay Open, in which I seem to recall a shark also played some sort of peripheral role. Kelly stroked in to a left, stalled for a barely existent pit in typically impressive fashion, then blasted an air-reverse on the shoulder, which he didn't land. No sooner does Kelly hit the water than a medium-sized white pointer can be seen in the top right-hand corner of the frame attempting a not dissimilar manoeuvre, which it did land, being a shark and whatnot. It's almost synchronised but not quite, though still appeals to our notion of Kelly enjoying some guru-like relationship with the natural world.

Here's what Slats said of the vaguely interesting occurrence on his Instagram:

"Seen my synchronized shark surfing clip? Random catch by a pulled back camera angle up on a hill in #SouthAfricaBru. I thought it felt a little #Sharky this day. I was gonna surf this spot alone but decided to wait for Twiggy and one other friend to paddle out with. This was one of two that breached during that session. Pretty sure it's the #YearOfTheShark on the Chinese Calendar, right? @granttwigbaker @katelovemore@kalanimiller @antfoxphoto @surfline"

The clip's courtesy of ZagTV, and you can watch more footage from the session over at Surfline.

South Africa, so fun, so perilous! Wanna go? You should do, men in grey suits notwithstanding. Click here for invaluable nugs of South African travel information.