Of all the heavy things that "went down" yesterday at the Eddie, possibly the heaviest of all was Kala Alexander going down with Makuakai Rothman after they collided at the summit of one of the heaviest waves of the day.

Not least because Kala Alexander is more or less the heaviest of the Hawaiian heavies, while Makua is the son of Eddie Rothman and therefore also rather heavy. Both figure pretty high up on the list of North Shore residents you really wouldn't wanna fuck off.

All was amicable between the two friends, however, following their entanglement, which could easily have ended up a whole lot worse than it did. They were clearly rattled and remained prone on the sled for a good few minutes after being picked up by the ski, but neither was seriously hurt. As Makua said in his entertaining post-heat interview, "these things can happen when you've got two animals just charging."