It seems Gabriel Medina has some competition in the famous surfers starring in ridiculous adverts stakes. John John Florence just posted the above video to his Facebook account, accompanied by the following message:

"Sometimes I surf, and sometimes I get recruited by Samsung Mobile and Marvel to become an Avenger. Check it out!"

Intrigued, we checked it out. Not being avid Marvel fans ourselves, we don't really have a fucken clue what's supposed to be going on in the advert, but we just about gauged that it's supposed to make us want to go and buy the new Samsung mobile, and possibly also watch the forthcoming Avengers: Age Of Ultron movie.

And....well bugger us if it doesn't! Alongside John John with his "godly courage" and "godly hair", the advert also features American football running back Eddie Lacy, road cycling powerhouse Fabian Cancellara, and arguably the greatest footballer ever to don a pair of boots, Lionel Messi. Lionel fucken Messi! There's also a random young kid they decided to name Bobby Martinez, who's assigned the role of Captain America and who will perhaps use his newfound powers to definitively fuck the WSL once and for all, John John and Lionel in tow.