Day 3 of the J-Bay Open saw prized scalps aplenty claimed by a rowdy, bloodthirsty mob. Indeed, held on 14th July, the day the French celebrate the anniversary of cutting the heads off their royal family in the 1788 revolution, it was a day when considerable swathes of the bourgeois elite (Slater, Smith, Bourez) were cut down mercilessly, and also one when the downtrodden, much maligned goofyfoots (Hobgood, Wright, Wilkinson(!!)) were allowed to eat cake.

Meanwhile, a juicy side story develops as we await to learn the fate of Jeremy Flores. After losing a close heat to Seabass 3 days ago, our man at J-Bay Archi Jaeckin was just one of very many on site who witnessed Jeremy storm the judges and break em off more than a little something. "You could hear him screaming and shouting from 200 metres away, and hear all sorts of banging and crashing," reported Arch. "It was pretty heavy."

Stay tuned for Archi's pow-wow with head judge Richie Porta (not the one in the Tour de France), as we wait to see if Jeremy becomes surfing's Luis Suarez and gets slapped with a lengthy ban.

In the meantime, check out the Day 3 gallery:

(Photos by Sacha Specker)


[part title="Michel Bourez Interview"]


Photo: Van Gysen


Meanwhile, our man on the ground Archi, contrary to popular misconception, has not just been asking for his bunny chow served in a baguette and saying 'Gee-Bay' a lot whilst posted at the world's best right point, he's been working.

He's even been working on the 14th July, France's biggest national public holiday, which is probably illegal and could get him turfed out of the union. Anyway, he caught up with World no.2 Michel Bourez on surfing J-Bay, the upcoming Teahupoo event and life on tour...


Inside J-Bay & the Tour with Michel Bourez a Surfing video by Mpora