On a recent return voyage to Apocalypse, long-time visitor Mikala Jones introduces Ian Walsh and Dean Morrison to what most consider to be Indo's heaviest wave. Located out off the remote west coast of Java, this ultra shallow, ultra hollow, and exceptionally fast righthand reef (to the point where it's been nicknamed "The world's best closeout") presents some of the most challenging and dangerous tube rides ever. In fact, Mikala Jones is reported to have nearly drowned here a couple years back after bursting an ear drum on a vicious wipeout.

You may be surprised by how Mikala, Deano and Walshy make this Indo death slab appear infinitely more makeable than previously documented swells at this size, but that's just testament to how good these guys' tube riding skills are. Walshy's under-the-lip late drop right at the end will simply blow your mind.