Kick off a surf clip with Fela Kuti's 'Water Get No Enemy' and you're off to a solid start; follow it up with a cover of Dilla's 'Fall In Love' and you're officially a fucken legend. This is 'Salvaged': 17 minutes, leisurely pace, black & white, lush imagery,  very fruity. It's all Indonesia, mostly long boards on little waves but also some short ones on big ones. You might dig. It's Harrison Roach's first outing as film-maker, here's what he says:

"With recording of two seasons of surfing raised from the dark depths of the old Deus Temple Of Enthusiasm hard drive, Salvaged is a black and white longboarding picture made up of fun, unused footage. The film was shot on location on the islands of Indonesia in clean, shoulder high surf, with a few large exceptions. It features local Indonesian Surfers Deni Firdaus and Husni Ridhwan, along with Matt Cuddihy, myself, Thomas Bexon and Zye Norris. This is my first surf film. Thanks for watching."