Never have two things in one photo been so Oh yeah! Oh no! as the young Basque's daring backside rush juxtaposed with the Everton mint spray.

There aren't many good names on the surfboarding scene beginning with 'I'.

There's Ian, but Ian sounds more like that uncle that worked in IT that your mum never liked to leave you alone with, than a shred hero (soz Walshy & Batty!).

But then there's Imanol Yeregi...  Such a strong name!

Imanol's slash off the top is real Aritzy (don't believe? see 12sec!) It's more AA than a room full of 12 step programmers who can't look themselves in the mirror!

His Barnet Fair is De Niro Taxi Driver dandy. His tunnelling is better. It's earnest and exciting.


His humbug surfboard spray is 70-something inches of yuck! It's a visual no no. A cul de sac of wrong.

Let's hope that board breaks very soon, and Imanol Yeregi never does.

Mexico from Imanol Yeregi on Vimeo.