We all know Bethany Hamilton as the surfer girl from Kauai who survived a shark attack in 2003 when she was just 13 years old, a tiger shark biting off her left arm while she was surfing with fellow Kauaian ripper Alana Blanchard. In fact, it was Blanchard’s dad used his leash to stop the bleeding and ultimately saved Hamilton’s life.

You're most likely familiar with that though. From mags to books to major Hollywood movies, her story has been told many times and in many forms. But never before has she precisely shared how she's able to surf with just one arm. For example, how does she not just go round in circles? How does she battle her way through Hawaii's notoriously powerful shorepound? Let alone gain enough paddle speed to drop into Hawaii's hollow shred? In fact, for that matter, how did she win last month's Surf N Sea Pipeline Pro? Well, hit play and find out!