Joan Duru

Joan Duru

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Joan Duru is Europe’s ticking time bomb. A surfer of such exceptional talent, with such power and promise, many wonder how his rare ability hasn’t got him to the very top of the sport. The latest chapter of Hidden Lives provides some of the answers.

By talking to Joan and some of his closest friends like Miky Picon and Charly Martin, we peer into Joan’s world. He is a man who does his own thing and doesn’t care what the others think. Quietly confident and confidently quiet, we see him trying to fit the jigsaw pieces of his life - his surfing, his friends, his family and the fun into some type of balanced order with the holy grail, World Tour qualification, his ultimate goal.

It is a powerful portrait as Joan’s incredible surfing provides the electric backdrop to a man working out how to manage his unique skill. The talent timebomb is ticking, and its only a matter of time before it explodes.

Surf Europe's Hidden Lives takes a cinematic step back, before delving inside the mind of some of the most intriguing wave-riders in the galaxy. Where do they come from, what makes them tick, where are they going? Hidden Lives puts the epic in biopic…

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