"It's a different world," says grizzled icon and innovator Herbie Fletcher. "And I like it."

He's talking about the Baja Peninsula in Mexico, but he could just as easily be referring to the Fletcher family -- the son-in-law of big wave pioneer Walter Hoffman is also the father of Christian and Nathan Fletcher, who themselves helped pioneer the aerial movement in the late '80s--early '90s, and in Nathan's case also the big wave paddle-in revival of the last 10 years. This is 'Peninsula South', a pensive, leisurely, luscious piece of cinema, presented by Nixon and starring Nate and his pops as they relive the surf trips south of the border that helped forge the peculiar bond between the pair. You ain't gonna find no air reverses or twenty second barrels in here, but what you will find is an intimate portrait of two surfing legends, an insight into a unique father-son relationship, and a love letter to the Baja Peninsula -- all beautifully put together by director Riley Blakeway.