Red Bull just dropped another episode of 'Heat Redux' - John John's mind-blowing alley oop in Bali!

John John Florence lands a ground-breaking air in the first round at the Oakley Pro Bali.

Sebastian Zietz often seems to find himself on the wrong side of perfection. Earlier this week, we exposed Seabass' quarterfinal with the king in Fiji. Kelly Slater dropped 20 out of 20 points and left poor old Bass in the dust. Unfortunately, the next event brought more of the same.

In Round 1 at the Oakley Pro Bali, Sebastian paddled out against Miguel Pupo and, ho-hum, John John Florence. The heat became an instant battle between Bass and John. Both are young Hawaiians, both were hungry for a big result and both are perfect suitors for Keramas' playful wall. It was the truest battle and just when things looked to plateau, the world was changed.

John John stood up on an overhead wave, casually pumped down the line and threw himself into the air. He soared some six feet above the lip, spinning the most relaxed alley-oop rotation you ever did see. He landed it clean, and a claim was not only inevitable but 100% justified.

This episode of Heat Redux takes you by the hand and guides you through the heat of all heats, the air of all airs. So sit back, grab a cool glass of water and enjoy the ride.