It's been a while since we heard from the Coffin bros and now we know why. The Santa Barbara shred rockers have been keeping busy on the North Shore, putting their time in where it really matters. And boy does it show! Conner's signature brand of power surfing just keeps getting better and better and now by the looks of things lil' bro Parker ain't too far behind. This is what they had to say about their latest edit:

"Hawaii is a magical place. We hold a very special place for it in our hearts and we spend as much time as we can over there every year. This year was one of our most memorable years and we all got super fired up to work on this short film project about our time in Hawaii this year. This is all filmed and edited by Ryan Perry. The music is from one of our favorite bands/local band "Pleasure." This is pretty much what we listen to in Hawaii to get psyched up for every surf session so we thought it would be fun to cut in some footage of them jamming live."