With 20 grand up for grabs (eventually awarded to Jamie O'Brien), they were numerous to take part in Surfline's GoPro North Shore Challenge this year. And whichever camera angle contestants opted for, be it the straight surfboard mount, handheld pole or camera in mouth option, this final highlight reel offers a top selection of radical Pipeline visions that viewers have until recently rarely been privy to. Not many Euros made the cut but hey there's always next year!


Kamalei Alexander,Gavin Beschen, Noah Beschen, Benji Brand, Matt Bromley, Mikey Bruneau, Joel Centeio

Kalani Chapman, Kohl Christensen, Beyrick DeVries, Stephan Figueiredo, Mark Healey, CJ Hobgood

Stuart Kennedy, Barron Mamiya, Sylvio Mancusi, Makai Mcnamara, Josh Moniz, Seth Moniz, Jamie O’Brien

Drew Pringle, Kelly Slater, Koa Smith, Jamie Sterling, Eala Stewart, Miguel Tudela, Anthony Walsh, Chris Ward.