[mpora_video id='c6JEMMifJ'] Vans’ Get-N-Classic, Volume 1 is several years in the making.  But then again, so was building a team that intersects the lives of the most interesting and talented individuals in surfing:  Joel Tudor, Nathan Fletcher, Pat, Tanner and Dane Gudauskas, John, Ivan and Nathan Florence, Dylan Graves, Alex Knost Andrew Doheny, Kalani Chapman and Jason “Ratboy" Collins.  Filmed and edited by Graham Nash and Reagan Ritchie, Get-N-Classic, Volume 1 captures this unique juncture in surf history and chronicles the travels of the Vans Surf Team as they have crossed the globe in search of surf and adventure.

Additionally, Get-N-Classic, From the Cutting Room Floor featuring behind the scenes and more surf footage will be available weekly at vanssurf.com/getnclassic and offthewall.tv.