It's not all that often we see footage of Gabriel Medina free-surfing these days -- not as often as we'd like, anyway. You remember the backflips in Hawaii? Or that stupidly high air in Portugal? They were good, no? But he's given us little to get excited about lately. Random clips of John John continue to surface weekly on the internet, various members of the world tour have been fisting North Point and the Box in between heats, the Gold Coast likewise got a good going over. But donde Medina?

Thankfully Rip Curl have prized him away from the gym and into the water, and put together this little promo for his new signature boardshort. The clip's short -- too short -- but in a mere forty six seconds he reminds us all how brilliant he can be in the air, and gives the lie to the lazy idea to which some people cling that he's somehow not one of the very best in the world. More please.