Imagine that a whole week could be condensed, distilled, winnowed into just one minute, and then presented upon a screen in a concentration of images miraculously set in motion.

Mind blowing, we know. Now imagine six such minutes in a row! Here, if your sensory cortex can handle them, are six weeks on Oahu and perhaps one other of the Hawaiian isles, documented by  and featuring a Reef team comprising Taylor Knox, Rob Machado, Mick Fanning, Mitch Crews, Evan Geiselman, Billy Kemper, Mikala Jones, Kai Otton, Thiago “Shrimpy" Camarao, Shane Dorian and Kyllian Guerin. Apparently the whole thing's #LIVEFROMTHENORTHSHORE, which barring some sort of rupture in the space-time continuum makes no sense at all. Then again Dorian's wave at the clip's end doesn't make much sense either.