'There's no arguing with the guy in the tube' according to popular surfing lore.

We couldn't find any proverbs relating to the guy not in the tube, still on the SUP that the guy in the tube, strapped to a plank of wood, just jumped off...

You see, SUP's are polarising pieces of equipment at the best of times. Alaias less so, although a few purists might have a thing or two to say about alaias with footstraps... But jumping off a SUP into the pit at la Graviere strapped into a finless plank of wood, well it's unconventional. But by jove it's effective. And what's beyond dispute is that the end result is some decent tunnel time.

Whatever. Two dudes who couldn't give deux fucks are Capbreton's Fred Campagnon and Vieux Boucau's Remi Arauzo, former pro bodyboarder and World Longboard title competitors, respectively.

Don't try this at home.