After getting punched in the face by a pig last month, Fergal Smith is back up and riding with a fresh new episode of his series Growing.

However, if you're wondering why his face is still all messed up it's not due to further indecent farm animal incidents. No, this time the Irish charger's been back in the drink and taken a surfboard rail to the face. As you'll find out, that's nothing unusual in these parts. Aileens, Rileys, they clearly don't call the "waves of consequence" for nothing. Mitch Corbett broke his back there 7 months ago. Peter Conroy before that. And Tom Lowe's dislocated his shoulder we don't know how many times. So if you are thinking of hitting Europe's heaviest slabs any time soon, just get ready to eat reef.

Incidentally, we're planning on catching up with Ferg at his home in Ireland this spring so stay tuned for more from the Irish slab hunter in our up-coming issues.