Following on from Morocco and his Western Sahara exploits, Basque globe-trotter Kepa Acero continues his epic solo journey down the west coast of Africa in search of more unexplored reeling right-hand set-ups. Entering a region he's completely unfamiliar with, the no-man's land border between Morocco and Mauritania also presents the rather unsettling presence of live minefields. Fun! As if breaking down in the middle of the desert and dying of thirst wasn't enough of a worry... But with the help of the locals, some well-researched Google Earth observations and plenty more North Atlantic swell pulses on tap Kepa keeps on trucking south, his 'not-a-worry-in-the-world' travel outlook firmly intact as always.

That said, Kepa might well find himself backtracking his way back up to Morocco for this week's latest strong swell pulse that's forecast for the region.