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Just before Christmas Surf Europe was in Hawaii and on the front stretch of Pipe there was a lot of chat about an upcoming swell that was about to slam the Pacific. Pipeline was due to be good, but given the amazing season they had, a lot of the world's best surfers were contemplating hitting other waves.


Alex Gray was one, telling me at the time, "It's a hard one. A secret spot in Tahiti could be all time. Or of course, right here, Pipe will be macking. Then there's P-Pass," he cackled, "Jeez its hard to be a pro surfer sometimes." After watching the clip you sense he made the right decision.

Brazilian charger Ricardo dos Santos was also on the case, desperately trying to convince the Billabong big wigs staying in the big house next door to throw some extra budget his way for the trip. Sick of lefthanders and run-ins with his nemesis Jamie O'Brien he was looking for an alternative. It looks the big wigs coughed up and the investment was paid back in heaving backside throaters.

Dave Wassel, Koa Smith and a handful of other also made the trek from the North Shore and with What Youth on hand to document it, the result above, is pretty cool.