In the last two episodes of season one, the Gudauskas bros go Japan with a trip to the bustling cities of Tokyo and Kyoto, offering plenty of insider knowledge on their way.

The G bro's get lost in the neon lights of the biggest city in the world. Their journey begins in the bustling streets of Shibuya as they search for maid cafeĢs and squeeze into a tiny hidden izakaya for beers with friends. The next day, the boys venture deep into Tsukiji Fish Market for a lesson in all things tuna and learn the way of the sword from a Samurai Master who helped Kill Bill.

With Tokyo ticketed off the list, the Gudangs hop on the bullet to Kyoto on a further mission to dive deep into Japan's culture. Starting in the historic Gion District, the guys explore the ancient city filled with temples and shrines before making a pit stop at a real life Geisha house for fun and drinks. Next the boys meet up with fellow pro surfer, Masatoshi Ohno for a mountain drive to the coast where they search for swells, stay at a traditional Japanese Inn, chow down on a crab feast, and top it off with an epic jam. This is Down Days.