"The Basque Country is full of beautiful scenery, surf and food. The brothers land in Bilbao and their first stop is a walk along the river to take in the architectural sites before bombing it for the coast and the town of Zarautz. The boys connect with some friends from the Pukas crew; surfers Adur Letamendia and Kepa Acero, talk with a Basque fisherman and experience a Basque cooking club called a Sociedad. Lastly, they let loose at the Pukas Annual Beach Party."

Music: "I Know You're Holding" by Moses Luster and The Hollywood Lights, "The Arrival" by Heavy Young Heathens, "(Do) The Myocionic Jerk" by A Zoobone Sound, "Oh My God" by Nik Freitas, "Turn Off" and "Don't Let Go" by Ian Love, "Octobre" by Montag, "Legend of Bog Road" by Urban Surf Kings, "Voices" by Martin Kennedy, "King of the Sun" by Nicholas Burke, "Twang Parade" courtesy of Soundfile Productions, and "Escape fro Shantytown" by The Diplomats of Solid Sound