With more sidelined world tour surfers than injury wildcard spots, usual heated debate surrounded the ASP's final decision to side with Tiago Pires over Glenn Hall at year end. But how's Tiago actually doing?

Portugal's avid surf fans will be stoked to find out that their much-adored nationl hero is back in the water and surfing strong. After being forced to sit out 8 out of 10 WCT events last year following a severe knee injury Tiago suffered while freesurfing at home, the joint is now fully healed and doctors have once again given him permission to hit the drink.

"This video clip was filmed only in Portugal and after I had the doctors permission to surf, basically during this January" offered Tiago, "I've been frothing for surf, trying to find waves everywhere..."

Sure enough, for what's been only one month's worth of waves, Tiags looks like he's been keeping busy, both in the barrel and on the open face, and raring for another season on tour.