A debate ensued behind the WSL desk following young Medina's ten-pointer over the weekend, and the topic under discussion was the one alluded to above.

Actually, it was less a debate, more a noncommittal recap. The contenders were: Slater at Bells, Slater in New York, John John at Keramas, Julian in Portugal, Filipe at Lowers, Filipe at Rio frontside, Filipe at Rio backside, Gabs in France. The general consensus was that out of everyone Filipe's the best surfer in the air, but none of the panel ventured an opinion regarding the single best aerial manoeuvre. Pussies. For what it's worth, of the three reprobates who happened to be passing through the SE offices at the time, one said Kelly at Bells, one said John John at Keramas, and one said Gabs in France. Your thoughts?