Here's a new clip of an old trip -- Dane Reynolds, Adam Virs, Mikey Mccabe and Andrew Doheny in the north of Nicaragua in 2010. The mission was not an unmitigated success, but there were still waves and fun times aplenty -- which makes you wonder what truly scoring this place would look like. Things get started in earnest around the 1:35 mark. Here's what filmer Mini Blanchard remembers:

"Without checking the swell forecast, winds, or tides, Adam Virs assured us that this particular beachbreak in Northern Nica will be "Sick"! And "Whatever happens, "we're gonna get waves"! So Dane says fuck it, let's do it, we'll even invite Mikey Mccabe and Andrew Doheny and have Mini film it all and make it a MarineLayerProductions trip ! Not so fast. Rainy, walled and dirty just about summed up the trip, Virs even challenged our gun toting night security guard to put down his "cuete" before they wrestled onto concrete. Not all surf trips are epic, but they're pretty damn fun. Here's an edit from said 2010 trip that never made it to the MarineLayer homepage. Cheers !"