Last weekend saw the return of the annual Burleigh Boardriders Single Fin Festival, and Creed McTaggert, would you believe it, took the win in the Open division, seeing off the likes of Rasta, Occy, Ellis Ericson and Margo amongst many many others.

Great fun, we can safely assume, was had by all involved, and great fun will be had by you . . . You'll admire the graceful fluidity of Dave Rastovich, rejoice at the fleeting appearance of Brendon Margieson, cheer at Occy's spirited attempts to generate some speed, double-take at the bouncing mammaries (you'll spot 'em), and feel slightly disappointed at the lack of pumping Burleigh, but delight in the convivial atmosphere practically pouring out of the screen, and reflect for a few moments that if only you had a single-fin in your garage, then perhaps your quiver, and life, would be complete.