The most beautiful, aesthetically pleasing rider of a surfboard the world has ever known? The biggest con since collateralized debt obligation? An innate understanding of line and form not seen since Michelangelo? A brushstroke of marketing genius masquerading as a triumph of authenticity over crass consumerism? I change my mind on a daily basis.

We'll leave those questions floating weightlessly in the air as you ponder Craig Anderson's new twelve minute-long film 'Welcome Elsewhere', directed by Kai Neville. What isn't in doubt is the legitimacy of the backhand drop at 1:38, or his unfaltering commitment -- to his bold and daring aesthetic, or possibly to his board sponsor -- at No Kandui, where he rides into battle on his 5'4 Hypto-Krypto at the height of the so-called century swell.

Ando got him some balls on him, knock-kneed androgyny notwithstanding.