The "almosts": the moments when history was almost made, when the game was almost changed, when manoeuvres of unprecedented elevation or technical intricacy were almost stomped. Such "almost" moments were aplenty during the filming for Kai Neville's Cluster, and thankfully for us they have not been consigned to the ash heap of subjunctive history but instead assembled into a thoroughly enjoyable five minute film.

Perhaps somewhere there exists a parallel universe in which Noa Deane rode out of his giant shifty air at 0:33, but in this universe it was not to be -- not this time anyway. These were the airs, turns, drops, and barrels they didn't make. For the ones they did make, we refer you to the movie itself, which is now available to buy online; and to this short film of bonus footage captured on their filming trip to Europe, which is available to watch here for free.