If you're looking for a t-shirt on short notice, try Michel Bourez. Usually, he won't be wearing one, so you could just rock his. Here though, he is wearing one, and has one spare for Charly Martin. Congrats to Charly and Nicolau VR who are now both on Nike 6.0 apparel deals.

Michel Bourez welcomes Charly Martin to the Nike 6.0 Apparel Team from Sixpointoh on Vimeo.

Other blond persons wearing clothes grown from footwear are the Gudan Garang brothers, who are all on Vans these days. The Gudangs, despite appearances are actually pretty cool chaps and the long haired one totally ripped Sunset this season. Here's a looooooong clip of them talkin shop. See if you can spot who it's by, hidden modestly in 108 pt type.

G-Unit from Kevin Longwell on Vimeo.