Saw the little teaser from Kelly's pool party? Well here's something a little more substantial -- Carissa Moore and an absolute screamer of a wave. And yes, we're aware that the term "absolute screamer" is somewhat redundant at a place where every new wave's as perfect as the last. She said on Facebook:

"There is so much I want to say and tell. So many cool moments that make me smile just thinking about. I could write pages trying to describe the waves, the people, the place, the experience but I wouldn't do it justice. It all seemed like a dream.

"#thankskelly and everyone apart of @KSwaveco for making dreams come true. I am truly honored that I got to be apart of those special days at the ranch. Easily three of the coolest, most surreal days of my life. I will cherish it forever."

And there's more!

Here's what was probably, by his own admission, the longest barrel of Nat Young's life:

And Kanoa's very first wave at the joint: