When Benjamin "Sancho" Sanchis got wind of a once-in-a-decade swell converging on Mexican shores last May, the dauntless tube hound hotfooted over the Atlantic and hooked up with partners in crime Bruce Irons, Jamie O'Brien and Cory Lopez. Their meticulously planned raid struck upon the motherlode. Meanwhile a raid of a somewhat different nature was going down in the neighbourhood:

"The people are wonderful and the waves were incredible but whilst the guys were in town, a few cars had been burnt out and helicopters were buzzing around the air as there had been a major raid on a local drug lord! Needless to say this put a bit of electricity in the air. After stopping at friend Carlos’ place over night, the morning waves were building up making for a potentially epic day ahead. The surf was amazing but not everyone got away easy, Laurent took a big hit and was rolled into the shorebreak, breaking his ribs and ending his trip, at least he gets to play with his new camera on the shore!"