The festive period has been hammered by an exceptional string of strong back-to-back North Atlantic swells and both Euro and international big wave chargers have had a busy time. Here's a quick round-up of what you missed.

Southerly winds have meant the northern coast of Spain has enjoyed ideal big wave conditions, with Grant Baker (eventual winner), Ramon Navarro, Ken Collins, Jamie Mitchell and a crew of local chargers all taking part in the Spanish big wave world tour stop in the Basque Country, the Big Wave Punta Galea Challenge.

La Nord's inaugural big wave challenge also got the green light for a day of heavy Hossegor Christmas poundings (taken out by Vincent Duvignac).

Finally, Benjamin Sanchis and Justine Dupont also got the chance to enjoy another flawless tow session at Belharra for some XXL entries, with Sancho snagging the biggest bump of the day on a rare right-hander.

And from a quick peek at the swell charts this morning it's set to continue!