We're prepared to go out on a limb and loudly proclaim that this sterling effort is the cutest barrel you're gonna see all year. It might even be the best one you'll see ridden by a seven year-old too.

The seven year-old in question is Baby Steve Roberson, who shows courage and verve when he pulls into a Honolua tube that's at least double-overhead; ahead of him in the wave face lies a turtle, who, lost in admiration for the young surfer hurtling towards him, is given cause to be grateful for his hard shell. The barrel proves too fast and Baby Steve gets worked; so does the turtle. Best of all, though, is the reaction afterwards. We're not convinced that naming a child "Baby Steve" constitutes the soundest of parenting, but his folks can at least be applauded for instilling in him the belief that a barrel dodger is the worst thing on Earth it is possible to be -- the lowest of the low. His delight in discovering he isn't one is priceless. How you shall smile!