Call us sectarian, dicks, whatever you want, but in general at Surf Europe we try very hard not to do other 'action sports'. However, the surf just isn't cutting it today so we thought we'd make a one-off exception for this cool 2-minute concrete surfing clip we just happened upon. After all, who doesn't love a little Pixies 80s nostalgia?

Put together by film-makers Brooks Sterling, Aaron Lieber and skater Zach Miller, and all shot on RED EPIC, you should hopefully find this night-time cinematic backyard pool shoot does have a strong surf feel to it. Although obviously we're talking more your point-break style of wave riding than your more modern rad one-hit aerial manoeuvre to the beach type thingy. On the subject of drawing lines, skater Zach Miller had this to say about the shoot:

"Sometimes you get caught up trying to learn every trick, ride contests, get sponsors... But when you block all that out and bring it back to finding a line and riding, you realize in the end that there is only one trick, drop in."