Yago Dora is building up quite the reputation. Initially backflipping his way into the surf limelight on the North Shore a couple seasons back now, this young Brazilian talent continues to turn heads and earn the respect of fellow world tour competitors and free surfers with his continuing fast-paced progression.

Full rotations both front and back, every variety of grab, even multiple grabs. But most importantly all executed with an enviable consistency few other pros can boast of. That said, what we enjoyed most in this new clip are the gutsy closeout man hacks and laybacks he's also able to unleash. Kid's got promise alright.

And with Gabriel Medina clinching a spectacular victory at this year's Quik Pro Goldie event at Snapper, the first time a Brazilian has ever won the event, you can be sure that the win will only add further vigour to the Brazilian surfing community's momentum. With an estimated total population of 200 million, Brazil's pool of mind-blowing talent ain't about to slow.

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