Andy Irons, one of the best ever out at Cloudbreak -- some say the best -- and four waves from the 2005 Globe Fiji Pro. It's show-stopping, spine-tingling stuff.

Do you like details and statistics, and the way they like to coalesce into pretty albeit often meaningless patterns?

Andy went on to lose in Round 4 to his brother Bruce, who posted 19 plus heat totals in three successive rounds. Having already knocked out Shea Lopez, Bruce would then beat Cory in the quarters, but lose in the semis to one half of yet another deadly sibling duo with bona fide Cloudbreak credentials: CJ Hobgood. He in turn was defeated by Kelly Slater, who sealed his maiden Fiji Pro win with an average heat total of 18.95 across the whole event. Probs the best Fiji Pro ever. But enough of that: get an eyeful of those backhand gouges.