“Pulling into those close-outs," reflected commentator Ross Williams, “it’s fun but it’s also super dangerous." No shit. Temptation got the better of Alejo Muniz today in his Round 1 heat against John John and Jeremy, and he paid the price in the form of a buggered knee and a chairlift up the beach by water safety -- not the triumphant kind. Extricating oneself from the Atlantic Ocean when the French shorey is in full effect is a complicated task in itself, and extricating someone else is more complicated still. The rugby tackle moment comes at 1:50. No word yet but hopefully Alejo's fighting fit in time for his Round 2 with Italo Ferreira.

UPDATE: We have news, and it's bad news, unless your name is Italo Ferreira, because Alejo has pulled out of the rest of the comp with an injury, which means Italo walks straight on through to Round 3.