Alan Stokes and 19-year old Jobe Harriss, a new addition to the Animal team, were recently in Sumatra, Indonesia, to indulge their love of the tub in the wide variety of reef- and sand-bottomed set-ups strewn up and down the coast. 'Seeking Ombak', a Tim Davies Production, is the result.

Good bits? It's chock-full of good bits silly, too many to mention -- but best of all is the final section at a fruity little slab, which is a really fucken good bit. The navigational skills displayed by Jobe between 11:15 and 11:37 to extricate himself from a rapidly tightening tunnel are straight out of the uppermost drawer; Stokesy's angled airdrop into the pit at 12:19, meanwhile, is positively Jedi-like.