Adrian Buchan and Matt Wilkinson's 21 Days webseries continues with part 2. Thought part 1 was a bit... ordinary? Us too. I wasn't really feeling Wilko talking about getting fit and taking it all seriously... much less convinced.

Part 2 takes a turn for the better by revealing the more natural contrast between the two Mid Cenny Coast heroes... With Wilko getting kicked out of his hovel of a Bondi apartment and moving his worldly possessions out (direction: Byron Bay!) by throwing them off the balcony, while Ace continues in his polished pro role doing his rehab on his foot.

In a strong narrative turn up, the story also focuses on the pair's respective upbringings, with some nice insight into Wilko's less than over-privileged background and Ace's folks fleeing apartheid South Africa to raise their kids in the more democratic surrounds of rural Australia.

Check it out below.