As an indication of just how good this year's Billabong Tahiti Pro was we thought we'd have a quick look back at the contest seven perfect 10-point rides to see how they all compared with regards to commitment, vertical drop difficulty and length/size of tube. A total of six surfers pulled off the unthinkable, with tour veteran Kai Otton claiming the deepest foamball tube ride of the contest, if not ever, while Owen Wright was awarded this year's AI Award as the most committed competitor of the event. But first up, wildcard trialist Nathan Hedge and the very first 10 of the event:

John John's Round 3 perfect ride:

Kai Ottz's really deep drainpipe:

Owen Wright's tow beast:

Bede Durbidge's quarter final keg for a win over Ace Buchan:

Kelly's quarter final foamball ride:

Kelly's semi final highline monster against John John in the highest scoring heat ever.