What a hero.  Sixty six and still swinging, it makes your body ache just thinking about it. Clyde Aikau, winner of the Eddie twenty years ago, competing in the event for what he'd already confirmed would be the last time, tumbled agonizingly down the face of a solid one at the start of his Round 1 heat. It was his first wave of the event. Amazingly, he dusted himself off, paddled straight back out, and ultimately finished in a highly respectable 20th place, ahead of Sunny Garcia, Nathan Fletcher and Greg Long among others.

And he don't take no shit!

Hoje tivemos a reunião sobre a segurança do evento. Todos tensos com o tamanho da previsão das ondas. Clyde Aikau dando seu recado! Fiquem ligados! World Surf League #eddieaikau

Posted by Carlos Burle on Wednesday, 24 February 2016