A lovely french mansion right behind the dunes, a short sprint to one of the most heavy beachbreak around, rippy as hell to make you strong, a local coach (Antoine Benetrix) that knows the barrels & bars (where you won't be allowed in coz it is 8-14 years old camp only...) like the back of his hand, the Volcom A team on hand (Duru, Piter, Distinguin) for advices, video feedback, barbecues, girls chasing, the Mullet fish contest on the front door, a skatepark not far inland...

What else can you ask for Grommets?

Hassle your parents, implore grandma, do the newspaper round for a couple of months, beg, polish strangers shoes, be an all round good boy: it is only 400 euros a week all included, so make your way down to the south west of France this summer!

Check the dates on, places are limited so be quick!

8 summer sessions only to get shacked, sun burned and taste the Hossegor life style.