Hello my friends from Surf Europe. Good news from home. The strong rain that hit Rio went away and the storm that came along brought big waves to our coast. This swell came on a special direction and we went on a search for new spots. This time we're fortune to find a killer wave right on the middle of the Gunabara Bay.

This link to watch the video : http://fantastico.globo.com/Jornalismo/FANT/0,,MUL1565612-15605,00-SURFISTAS%20APROVEITAM%20RESSACA%20COM%20ONDAS%20ENORMES%20NO%20RIO.html

Check more infos below:

The big swell pushed the water and the sand into the roads of copacabana. The cops had to close it.

Myself trying a new vision of surfing... with the Niteroi behind and the sugar loft on the other side. Crazy view !!!

Eraldo my partner setting up a line....

The newspaper put it on the cover ....