Well Happy New Year and ting, been really busy working on the mag so got a little slack on the blogs, so for all those three people out there in the world that actually read them, sorry bout that.

We just had a splash at le Big Beach in Biarritz. It was kinda crap, then got better with the tide coming in, but loads of crew paddled out and started getting all excited so we left em to it. Higson and Peter Donkey came in too and we bought cans of Heineken from the panini stand by the casino and drunk in the Amsterdam nectar and checked out the ladies cutting by with jeans tucked into pointy boots and watched the boys dechire it.

On the way to work this morning by the gendarmerie in capbreton there was a young woman hitch-hiking, slightly streetwise looking (plenty denim and gold) if I had to be critical, but nae bad none the less. Unfortunately, because I'd ran out of coffeee at home and hadn't drunk any yet my brain wasn't sharp enough to react and I'd driven past, although what with the rank odour of booty juice among other things inside the Punto, maybe she would have declined anyway. I've decided to clean my car this weekend and put the magic tree I got from christmas in it just in case she's there on monday.