Higson and I drove down to the Dark Eye last night after work. We jumped in the Punto at about 8pm and cruised into Spain. We stopped off in San Sebastian for a spot of pintxos, couple of those beers served in a small glass dish, and checked out the scene. It was weird seeing human beings for us, because in France at the moment it's pretty much deserted, so it was quite cool to see a bit of motion. We also picked up tickets for Babyshambles gig in Bilbao next month, sweet.

Arrival in Mundaka revealed that Higson had booked us a double bed in the hotel Mundaka as opposed to a twin. We watched Liz Hurley getting neckid on a yacht on Spanish TV and then went to sleep. Higson had a dream that we had a fight with the American guy on reception because the wifi didn't work, which is pretty weird. We woke up this morning at 6.50, I put my wetsuit on, ate a donut and ran down. Even though it was still dark, there were already loads of people on the peak. Anyway, it was absolutely cranking and Higson videoed it and he's editing it right now so there should be stuff up the site later today, better go and do some work now.