In the biggest surfing news since Alana Blanchard and Jack Freestone announced their romance, it is rumoured that Jon Jon Florence is now dating Taylor Swift. The bastion of journalistic integrity, the UK's  Daily Mail quoted the USA's Life & Style Magazine who quoted an unnamed source as saying, "He and Taylor have been text messaging, Apparently, she contacted him. I don’t think they have hung out yet. They’ve just been chatting." So that's official then. When asked about the romance on Australian TV, Jon Jon said, "'Uh, I’m not supposed to comment about that.' Which is a yes.

Taylor was astounded at Jon Jon's backhand barrel technique.
Jon Jon, bracing himself for the breakup song.


Other unconfirmed source said Taylor is due to put out a news song called "We Will Never Ever Surf Pipe Together" and "I Knew Your Name was Double". We are also looking into other rumours that Beyonce is dating Gabriel Medina.