The highly fortunate position of being a surfer in Europe is about to get even sweeter folks... Yep, not only are the world's best surfers going to be shredding the absolute bejeezers out of Hossegor and Mundaka, but the forthcoming issue of Surf Europe Magazine (SE46 Travel Issue), the Continent's No.1 surf mag has Volcom's Creepy Fingers DVD as a free covermount! Pinch yourself people, it's real!

Surf Europe 46 Travel Special is on the shelves from 10th October and if you're not yet a subscriber, you'll probably want to get down your newsagent around 5am when the paperboys arrive for a few days around that period to avoid shattering heartbreak.

Here's what we said about Creepy Fingers when it got rated Vid of Month in SE43:


By: Ryan Thomas

Description: Creepy Fingers showcases sick wave-riding from the Volcom international team: Dean Morrison, Ozzie Wright, Gavin Beschen, Alex Gray, Jay Quinn, Mike Morrissey, Bol, Nate Tyler, plenty of Hawaiians and of course Bruce Irons. Highlights: Unsurprisingly, sick North Shore action from this past winter with Bruce and all the bruddas, including Alex Gray┬╣s bombs at Rockpile, close-ups of mouths exhaling schmoke making fart noises, bits of animal weirdness, jetski carnage at Ghost Trees, plus plenty of rad aerial surfing. Soundtrack: All in house from Volcom Entertainment. Single Framce, Goons of Doom, ASG, Valient Thor, Riverboat Gamblers.

Check out the teaser of Creepy Fingers right now!

Stay tuned to for our forthcoming Factory vodcasts, coming very very soon. Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to bring you the first installment this week, coz, well, I'm gonna be in the Mentalwais, know what I mean?