A series of mysterious photos were left on Surf Europe’s doorstep last week suggesting SE's Alex ‘SC’ Laurel has been charging solid 12-foot La Nord, Hossegor, behind everyone’s back. The news came as a terrible shock to the Surf Europe team who have spent many a working hour trying to persuade the photo editor to fix the error of his MacDo-eating, Marlboro Light-smoking ways and come for a summer-time, lunch-break team shred. “Nah, you go on ahead without me, ma man, the surf looks a bit too big for me today and I don’t know where my wetsuit is". For a long time now, the team has suspected Laurel of selling his shares in the Surf Europe business and turning his back on the ocean. But then these showed up last Friday morning:

Unfortunately, rumours were later shot down when it became apparent that Laurel was, in fact, in Hossegor to shoot a quiver piece with Analog team shredder Laurent Pujol.

Lauent Pujol lays out his quiver for the shoot.

At present, the Surf Europe Intelligence Service is still trying to determine who might have been responsible for circulating such vicious rumours and issued the following statement, “Several suspects have been brought in for questioning. Hopefully we’ve limited most of the damage these reckless photos might have caused Monsieur Laurel’s reputation. What we do know is you’ll all want to keep an eye open for Pépé’s up-coming Tool’s of the Trade quiver piece in a soon to be released issue of Surf Europe. It’s gonna be rad".