Is it just us, or does it sometimes feel that surf girls are being a little disingenuous when it comes to use of social media? Now we've all posted the infinity pool photo, taken in the only three seconds of sunlight of a three week holiday downpour, or flashed the only half decent set in a two week flat spell. But that doesn't make it right. Here we've found a few examples, all from those scheming, conniving folk we call women, where the truth isn't exactly what it seems... and remember: not telling the truth is lying.

1. Sage Erickson

Actual comment: #so hot #too hot

Real: Being above 15 degrees c I just had to don this itsy weeny bikini. I wonder how many thousand people will comment saying how hot I am...

If a thousand people say I'm hot, does that make me, like, hot?

2.Holly Daze Coffee

Comment: I love pink #workout #pink

Real: If it's a workout image, I've basically got carte blanche to hint at the smoothness of my Holywood! Result.

ellie jean flange*

ellie jean flange*

3. Leila Thomas

Comment: Jump around

Real: If I jump around, like, with no music, or anything, having the best time of my life, and people see it, I can become a model. Yay!

Whilst waiting for the low tide left, the girls choreographed a new dance.

Laura Enever & Monica Byrne-Wickey

Comment: Still lost in WA

Real: This quick insty only took two hours to set up and makes our legs look ammmaaaazziing. I wonder how many people will say how pretty we are/ knock one out over the tiny screen on the iPhone... And of those, how many know one of us is allegedly a squirter...?

The girls were so lost, they couldn't upload this pic for a full 25 minutes.

Victoria Vergara (mega hot French longboard chick)

Comment: Such a good morning view (boyfriend French pro Tristan Guilbaud). Babe

Real: Look at my surely amazing foofoo.

Men, on the other hand, never lie, and don't even mislead. Fact.

Adrien Toyon

Comment: Just found these beauties on the way back to hotel last night #ladyboys

Real: Just found these beauties ladyboys on the way back to hotel last night #ladyboys